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Njam / News: Recent posts

MacOSX version available for download

MacOSX version of njam-1.00 is available for download. There is a binary and xcode IDE project for people who like to build it from source. Thanx to Julian Mayer for all this.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-03-18

Njam works on MorphOS

Njam is reported to work on MorphOS/ppc. The binary is available for download, thanx to LouiSe_Pegasos.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-12-08

Njam works on MacOS X

As reported by Phillip Weissmann, Njam works on MacOS X operating system.

If anyone else has report that it works on his/her operating system which isn't listed here, please notify me

Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-25

Version 1.00 is out

Windows and Linux binaries and source code are available.

BeOS binary and Windows .zip package are coming soon.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-17

BeOS binary available for download

Contributed by Claus Windeler.
It can also be found at:

Posted by Anonymous 2003-06-17

Networking works

Version 0.95 introduces networking support. Two to four players can play a deathmatch game.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-06-10

Compilation with gcc 2.95 fixed

If you have problems compiling the game with gcc 2.95, please download the patch from download page (it's only about 30kB).

Posted by Anonymous 2003-06-05