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  • Myckel Habets

    Myckel Habets - 2005-07-31

    You got any roadmap about how your program gets improved?

    Some things I think need improvement (I'm no coder myself, so I can't help you with that):

    - Translations: The translations should be seperated from the code file, into single files per translation. I could do a Dutch translation if you want.

    - Spyware/Adware definitions should also be in seperate files and not in the code, I think. Updating the defenitions files would be far more easy, as you don't have to release a new version for every definition update. If the definitions are in a human-readable format (TXT or XML), people can help you with writing new definitions.

    - I looked into the code and saw a lot of repeating code, can't that be done more efficient in Python?

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Alfredo Spadafina

      I see you are interessed about my project :)
      Yes, I know that I must improve a some things (and add too)
      Nixory is at its first release, so it haven't almost all of the features that I want it have, but after all, it is only at the beginning of a long way :)
      By the way, here the aswers to your questions:

      -I Know. Probably I'll do that for the next release. We really need translators for other languages and I'm very happy you want to do a ducth translation :)
      If you do that We'll add you to the Nixory credits, but we need the translation for all the nexts nixory releases.
      If you accept I'll send you the english language file to translate when I've improved the new nixory's version.

      -I've already plain to add this and I think I'll do that for the next release too.

      -I've already improved the code of Nixory 0.1 a lot, and Nixory 0.1.8 will be more fast, flexible and small.

      Thanks for the feedback

      • Myckel Habets

        Myckel Habets - 2005-08-02

        Great, just send me the English language file.


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