Available Level1 memory question

  • Robert Gault

    Robert Gault - 2008-12-08

    I have been looking at the OS-9 game Interbank Incident, trying to get it to run under Level2. So far I've had no luck at all. I'm also looking at the game under Level1 to see if it can be run from a double sided 40 track per side disk. The subject is a result of this testing.

    Using the same abbreviated OS9Boot file that the game uses regards module content, I OS9gened a disk with NitrOS-9 Level1. Both the game and the new disk have Shell in the boot file. All modules are the same except for the changes in NitrOS-9. Interbank can't be run from the new disk because of insufficient memory.

    I then compared the Mfree results for OS-9 Level1 Version 2.0 (used by the game) with NitrOS-9 Level1.
    NitrOS-9 Level1
    B00-ABFF   161
    AE00-AEFF      1

    OS-9 Level1v2
    B00-98FF   142
    9B00-9BFF      1

    This is a significant difference and must be why the game won't run from a NitrOS-9 Level1 boot. I have not studied the NitrOS-9 code to see why there is so much difference in memory usage.

    Any ideas? Is there a problem with NitrOS-9 Level1?

    • Gene Heskett

      Gene Heskett - 2008-12-08

      I'm afraid you are walking on ground I haven't touched in at least 1.5 decades, Robert, so I'm not helpful, just replying.

      Cheers, Gene



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