Possible deldir enhancement

  • Robert Gault

    Robert Gault - 2008-12-24

    Recently I needed to delete a directory of some 30 files where they were all read-only. Deldir would not work and I really did not want to change the attributes on all files.

    I've worked out a patch for deldir so that if a file can't be opened in write mode and it is also not a directory, the attributes are automatically changed to include Write.

    The patch was intended for a previously patched deldir of mine called kildir. This version does not prompt the user but just deletes a directory tree, no questions asked.

    Any ideas on whether we should incorporate the attr change in deldir or perhaps include kildir in 3rd party or even the main command list?

  • Allen Huffman

    Allen Huffman - 2015-01-30

    I would want to look at what modern OS-9 does as a guide. If it still has that issue, then a 3rdparty tool would be my vote. (Hmmm, I think Unixy deldirs have a command line option to force delete like this?)

    Code bloat is a concern to me, though mostly for system modules that are part of the boot (and the RAM they use).

    I just got reminded that when deleting a huge director, you get asked "(l/d/q)" a hundred times. All my years with OSK/OS-9000 has made me forget other things that are there. But, this has nothing to do with your issue.



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