Update for Backup

  • Robert Gault

    Robert Gault - 2008-11-15

    I have committed an update to Backup. During our discussion of preserving or not the destination disk ID, I saw what seemed completely unnecessary I$Close and I$Open routines. They have been removed, the turn off of Verification has been relocated, and the copy loop and verification now starts at LSN1 (instead of LSN0) as LSN0 gets written and read outside the copy routine.

    Per Gene's request (which can be argued either way) I have added a switch, SAVEID = #, which can be used to select preservation of the destination disk ID if desired during compilation of source code. The default is still 'no preservation' as it has been.
    There is not much point in having a disk ID if it is never used. The only purpose for it would be to track a disk change. Whether a Backup should produce an exact duplicate including disk ID is debatable. The point is moot in any case as OS-9 does not issue warnings on disk changes. Nevertheless, Backup can now preserve the "unique" ID of a freshly formatted disk if desired.

  • Allen Huffman

    Allen Huffman - 2015-01-30

    Is this based on how it is compiled?

  • Robert Gault

    Robert Gault - 2015-01-30

    What is "it"? Are you referring to Backup or a disk? If as I think you mean Backup, look at the source code and you will find:
    DOHELP set 1
    * Default 0 means do not save destination disk ID. 1 means save it. RG
    SAVEID set 0

    If you want to duplicate the disk ID, then make SAVEID=1. As written, you can't put SAVEID in a makefile as the above will reset it.



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