thoughts on running NitrOS-9 on other 6809 platforms?

  • James Spears

    James Spears - 2014-04-18


    I am wondering if it would be feasible to run NitrOS-9 on other 6809 platforms? in particular I have a Percom SBC/9 in SWTPC SS-50 based system. I tried bringing the system up after 20+ years of sitting idle and found that none of the floppies were viable, so I am thinking of either converting it to Flex/9 or NitrOS-9. The system would have to run in 48k Ram, 13k EPROM and a serial link to a host pc.

    Thanks, for you thoughts.

  • Tormod Volden

    Tormod Volden - 2014-04-19

    Hi James,
    Yes, it should be possible to run Level 1 on such a system. You will need to port I/O routines of course. And your system needs to provide a periodic (e.g. 50 Hz) IRQ for the scheduling. 48 KB should not be too much of a handicap vs 64 KB since you can stuff the more permanent modules (kernel etc) into the EPROM. The current rominfo.asm and boot_rom.asm code copies everything from ROM into lower RAM before the system goes all-RAM and then relocates the bootfile again, but this should be relatively easy to tweak.

    I kind of expect the N8VEM group to look at porting NitrOS-9 to their new 6809 SBC some time soon (but they may also target Level 2 since they have a MMU). I have also been contacted by individuals interested in ported it to their homebrew systems.

  • James Spears

    James Spears - 2014-04-22

    So getting started with this I thought I'd just build as directed.
    the make for level1/coco1/cmds has a problem for me.
    I did not see anything obvious so I thought I'd ask.

    C:\6809\NitrOS9\nitros9>pushd level1\coco1\cmds

    make: *** No rule to make target asm', needed byall'. Stop.


  • Tormod Volden

    Tormod Volden - 2014-04-23

    There must be a problem with your build environment. Running "make -n -d -r" might give some clue. Other than that please provide more information about what you did prior to typing "make".

  • James Spears

    James Spears - 2014-04-23

    1) set http_proxy so I can get to
    2) cloned
    3) cd into the cloned dir.
    4) set path to include lwtools and toolshed
    5) set NITROS9DIR the the full path to the current dir
    6) make dsk

    what I noticed looking at things is that make file in level1\coco1\cmds the 'all' target refers to a list of utility commands (asm etc.) but the sources appear to be in level1\cmds i am amusing that the vpath directive "vpath %.asm $(LEVEL1)/cmds:$(NITROS9DIR)/3rdparty/packages/basic09" in the make file takes care of this
    so am thinking that the version MinGW make that I have is older and may not support this.
    make -v reports "GNU Make 3.81"


  • Tormod Volden

    Tormod Volden - 2014-04-24

    It seems like this is a bug in GNU Make 3.81 on Windows. Try setting NITROS9DIR using "/c/something" instead of "C:\something". Or upgrade Make :)

  • James Spears

    James Spears - 2014-04-25

    That was it.

    Last edit: James Spears 2014-04-25


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