Proposed change to project directory structure

  • Boisy Pitre

    Boisy Pitre - 2013-05-22

    I'm proposing that we make the following change to the NitrOS-9 Project's directory structure:

    1. In the level1, level2, and level3 folders, create a ports folder. In there, place the coco1, coco2, coco2b, etc.. folders. This would mean that machine specific port folders would be isolated in a ports subdirectory.

    2. Rename 'makefile' to 'Makefile' in all folders.


  • Robert Gault

    Robert Gault - 2013-05-23

    What are the advantages of these changes? Does increasing the number of directories make the Makefiles simpler? Is there some case issue that prefers M over m?

    I don't feel strongly about the suggested changes one way or the other but would like to know the reasoning behind them.

  • Boisy Pitre

    Boisy Pitre - 2013-05-23

    Both changes are for organizational reasons. Having a ports folder which separates the different ports (coco1, coco2, etc) from the folder where the sources (cmds, modules, etc) are is clearer.

    Renaming makefile to Makefile is for convention, and it also stands out against the sources when doing an ls.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, I think I'll explore a broader dir reorg and roll this proposal into something much more broad.

  • Bill Pierce

    Bill Pierce - 2013-06-06

    Boisy, Since the changes have now been made, there is something wrong in the dsk build process that is sending cygwin into a recursive loop that's causing "out of resources" errors on some operations. I have no clue as to where it's actually doing this as I'm just getting started on learning to build with cygwin and lwtools but it seems to be in the setting of the attributes of the cmds during the copying to dsk process.

    Gene has reported similar results as well and has more technical info than I do.




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