There appears to be a typ problem with 80T floppies

  • Robert Gault

    Robert Gault - 2013-12-02

    There is a conflict of definition among rbf.d rb1773desc.asm and rb1773.asm regarding whether an 80T double density double sided 3.5" disk should have a typ=$21 or typ=$20. I don't know which is correct but can only report results for my Coco3 system with a Disto SCII controller and 3.5" drive using MF2DD 135tpi 80Tr disks.

    All disk writes fail for a 3.5" disk with typ=$21. All disk I/O works correctly with typ=$20.

    A different problem with 80T disks is that /DD occurs twice in OS9Boot. There is/was a problem with the bootfiles makefile where FLOPPY_80D contained /DD and BOOTFILE_80D used FLOPPY_80D and then added a line for the 80T /DD.
    Check Level2 coco3 & coco3_6309.

  • Tormod Volden

    Tormod Volden - 2014-01-12

    About DD occuring twice in OS9Boot: OTOH, FLOPPY_40D does not have the ddd0_40d.dd but it is added by BOOTFILE_40D. Should this be made consistent with FLOPPY_80D and BOOTFILE_80D? Or which one is right?



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