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NITRO 2.7 Released!

We have officially released NITRO 2.7. Highlights include:
- Variety of minor memory leaks, access errors, and other bug fixes
- Fixed IOInterface and BandSource C++ API so overriding methods works as expected
- Several complexity level bugs
- Fixed bug in Windows involving reading and writing files larger than 4 GB
- Build system upgrades: Among other thing, building Java bindings is now easier as it's done directly through waf automatically... read more

Posted by Adam Sylvester 2013-01-21

NITRO 2.5 branch created

We have branched the trunk for the impending NITRO 2.5 release. The branch was created in the SVN repository at /branches/NITRO-2.5. Please check out from this branch if you would like to depend on the latest stable release of NITRO.

We are currently in RC1 status and hope to have a final 2.5 release soon.

The NITRO Team

Posted by Tom Zellman 2010-02-11

NITRO 2.0 Released!

We finally were able to officially release NITRO 2.0. This release comes with a lot of changes/updates/additions since our last major release of 1.5. Check out our wiki for the complete list:

Thanks for using NITRO!
- The NITRO Team

Posted by Tom Zellman 2009-03-11


NITRO has a C++ API that mirrors closely the C and Java interfaces. Objects in the C++ wrapper use reference counting on the C objects. These components are now available from SVN, and should be posted in the 2.0 final release binaries soon.

The NITRO Team

Posted by Tom Zellman 2009-02-01

2.0-RC1 Now Available

Now available for download is the first release candidate for NITRO 2.0. You can get the zipped source tarball as well as the Windows installer from the Download page.

- The NITRO Team

Posted by Tom Zellman 2008-07-28

1.5 Released; 2.0 development now in trunk

Version 1.5 has been released and tagged in tags/NITRO-1.5.

All core 2.0 development (formerly in the NITRO-2.0 branch) will now be in the trunk. The 2.0 development effort will have many API modifications, as well as numerous enhancements and added support. Stay tuned for more updates, including C++ bindings for 2.0.

Posted by Tom Zellman 2008-05-23

1.5 Release Candidate 7

We have updated CMETAA to match the latest version of the spec. There are breaking changes to existing users of CMETAA, since our original TRE plugin had the incorrect names. We felt that the change was critical, though, especially since it fixed a duplicate key bug, in the LL MGRS corner (note also that the spec is inconsistent here). If you have a critical release that incorporates this TRE (and you are actively using it), we recommend that you either 1) Not updated to RC7 from RC6, or 2) replace with your own prebuilt version that does not have these changes.

Posted by D. Pressel 2008-04-04

1.5 Release Candidate 6

Very minor updates. Affects solaris users. Code will be posted to downloads area soon.

Posted by D. Pressel 2008-03-18

1.5 Release Candidate 5

Update for issue #1, moved files to final install locations. No code changed.

Posted by D. Pressel 2008-03-11

1.5 Release Candidate 4

Technically, no code changed from RC3, but we wanted to update the install rules.

Posted by D. Pressel 2008-03-10

1.5 Release Candidate 3

The NITRO team is currently finalizing its 1.5 release of the library. Downloads are available now. Checking out from the trunk will also yield the latest 1.5 release candidate.

Posted by D. Pressel 2008-02-29