Dan Collar - 2012-10-25

I have a java app that uses JasPer JPEG2000 compression (compression=M8) to write a nitf file with one image per file on a Windows 7 machine with NITRO 2.6. It will write the first file fine and the image is compresses. The second time we attempt to write a nitf file we get an error in writer.write(). The error is "nitf.NITFException: NITF Exception: Error encoding image". The top line of the stack trace is "nitf.Writer.write(Native Method). If I shut down and restart the app I can again write one jpeg2000 nitf and any subsequent writes fail. If I test with no compression ("NC") it run fine with no problems.
Any ideas why the "Error encoding image" message is appearing only after the first successful writer.write()?