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Project Closed

For various reasons I have not been able to give this project the time it needs. The original goals for the niPerl distribution was to provide an up to date release of Perl that was dedicated to Windows. Other vendors at the time did not appear to provide distributions at all in line with the core Perl developer's releases. I would recommend users and developers try out Vanilla or Strawberry Perl: -... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-01-06

niPerl update

This release resolves several issues including proper relocation of Perl configurations. It also fixes some MSI packaging issues that may have caused some right-click context menu options to crash. A new Perl information GUI has been added to allow quick viewing of Perl's %Config hash and all non-standard modules installed and their versions.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-06-17

niPerl released

This is the latest release of niPerl with new enhancements and selected bug fixes. niPerl is a Win32 port of Perl bundled with additional utilities for quick application development and deployment.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-06-12

niPerl (stable) released

Numen Inest Perl is the perfect environment for developing Perl Win32 applications. Release includes PAR on right-click, Win32::GUI 1.0 and WGX extensions.

niPerl comes bundled with several examples and a GUI POD viewer. This is the 1st public release of niPerl.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-01-05