Signed DLL for Mono / .snk file for signing

  • Christopher Nehren

    I just stumbled across Nini and I'm making a horrible mess drooling on it. I'd like to make a port for it for FreeBSD, and this means installing it into the GAC. However, the DLL for Mono which is distributed with Nini is the only one(!) which isn't signed, thus preventing the user from installing it into their GAC. I also prefer building from source, which means any generated DLL would need the .snk file to sign. Can we see the .snk file added to Nini's source archive, or at least a signed Mono DLL? Thanks.

    • Brent R. Matzelle

      I'm glad that you think Nini is neat.  "Drooling" is a new one ;)  Maybe I should add that to my quotes section? 

      To be honest I didn't even know that Mono had it's own GAC and I didn't bother looking for signing support.  That's purely my mistake.  I suppose that I could just add a bug report for it and attach the signed DLL for you to download.  I'll get to it when I get my first chance and post a message here when it's done.  Thanks! 

      • Christopher Nehren

        Sure, go ahead and add my "drooling" quote to the quotes section. :)

        Mono has had a GAC for a while, as well as signing support, though it didn't start with either.

        Since I'm going to be packaging Nini for FreeBSD users everywhere to enjoy, downloading it from a bug report seems a little suboptimal. Could the signed DLL make it into the binary distribution? That would be easiest for me and the port users.

        And thanks a thousandfold for Nini. I can't say enough good things about it, and I've only been using it for a few days.

    • Brent R. Matzelle

      I will be adding the signed DLL to the binary distribution in the next version of Nini.  I plan on releasing it within a month or so.  In the mean time I attached the official 0.9.2 signed Mono release DLL to the following bug report:

      I know this isn't optimal but you can await the next release if you think it best. 

      • Christopher Nehren

        Many thanks. Do you mind if I put the ZIP file on a Web server and have the FreeBSD port configured to use that URL rather than the long one that assigned? I'd use something like or but FreeBSD's fetching mechanism requires a directory and then a file name, which wouldn't work.

        • Brent R. Matzelle

          Not at all.  Please feel free to upload it anywhere you see fit.  Like I said before it will be available in the binary distribution with the next version of Nini due out soon.  By the way, I made an announcement about this version on the Nini homepage. 

          • Christopher Nehren

            Very nice. Thanks again.


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