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The MAYA2008 plugin for PhysX 2.8.0 is now available!

We released MAYA plugin for PhysX V1.04. It support MAYA2008 with PhysX SDK 2.8.0. Please go to download section to get it and the user guide.

Posted by Harry Jiang 2008-06-04

Tutorials set of the MAYA plugin is available now!

Please go to download section to get it!

Following is a brief introduction of Nima demo movies.
There are 10 movies totally, cover Main feature of Nima rigid-body and constaint.
No cloth demo.
1. attractionField.avi the effect of a force-field
2. constraints.avi a complex constraint demo with 5 bodies and 4 constaints
3. nimaBasicConstraints.wmv how to create some constraints and change the parameters
4. nima_basic.wmv a basic demo of creating a brick wall and add force to a rigid body. Then collision occurs.
5. nima_car_and_tornado.wmv a car collides with brick wall and a tornado affects the brick wall.
6. nima_joint_drive_animation.avi add drive to a joint(constraint).
7. Orc_ragdoll.wmv a ragdoll demo after constructed.
8. Orc_ragdoll_construction.wmv how to construct a ragdoll with skinned mesh shape
9. Orc_ragdoll_limits.wmv setting joint limit in a rad-doll.
10. Physics shapes.wmv how to create some physics shapes and change the parameters.

Posted by Harry Jiang 2008-04-30

The MAYA8.5 plugin (SDK2.8.0) is now available!

The MAYA8.5 plugin (SDK2.8.0) is now available, full source and updated user guide.

Posted by Harry Jiang 2008-04-21