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Nothing New

Nothing has been updated in a while. If you have found a bug or have a question, please post in the forums and I will get back to you.

Posted by Nik G 2005-01-12

Mouse Move in C++

Ported the MouseMove code to C++. The source code is included.

Posted by Nik G 2004-11-22

Updated the web site some.

I'm going to add some more images of the programs when I get some more time. I have been real supprised at how many people are still using these programs.

Posted by Nik G 2004-10-06

Havn't updated anything in a year.

I havn't been doing anything. If you find a bug or want somthing made, post in the forums and i will get back to you. Thanks.

Posted by Nik G 2004-06-01

I'm not dead...

I have just been busy with classes. If you need any help or you have found bugs. Just message me in Aim @ NikG43 or post in the forums. I have an alarm clock program that I will finish once I get some more free time.

Posted by Nik G 2003-09-19

Things you want Fixed/Added?

To request a feature or report a bug for any of my programs msg
Aim: NikG43
ICQ: 67124216
Or post on the the Forums at:

Posted by Nik G 2003-08-20

MouseMover (Wraps the mouse around the screen)

Mouse Movement 1.0.0 - NikG43

Uses the GetCursorPos and SetCursorPos API calls
to move the mouse to the oppisite side of the
screen when you hit the edge. This used to be
included in most mouse drivers, but i havn't
seen it in a few years.


Check out some of my other programs at

Posted by Nik G 2003-05-25

Screen Shot Utility v1.0.0

First release of SSUtility. Come download it and report bugs in Forums.


Posted by Nik G 2003-04-01

Released version 3.0.0 of Img2Htm

Written in VB6. Converts Bmp, Gif, and Jpg's into HTML code or Text. VB Runtime files are needed to use this file.

Posted by Nik G 2003-02-22

Posted Source

That is the source. It allows you to make a full color replica of the image into html. I have my unreleased version that will allow you to make black and white replicas and also turn your picture into text. The source for that will be posted once i clean it up and comment it. (BTW that source is commented so even a n00b can understand it. Most of that source isn't very clean but it is usable.)

Posted by Nik G 2002-12-21