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New release!

Nihil Dice Roller 3.16.2 has been released with a host of new features!

Posted by Bloodbat 2012-10-19

NDR3 3.11.1 released!

Get it while it's fresh! NDR3 3.11.1 has been released, it now supports the Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary ruleset!
Available as binaries for Windows, x86 OSX and Linux.
Available as source code for all other platforms :)

Posted by Bloodbat 2011-11-13

NDR3 and Gnome 3

Gnome 3 breaks, again, alignment of the results window columns and its huge buttons (why? Why? Why?) overlap a bit of the die labels, will (most likely) fix it soon...

Posted by Bloodbat 2011-05-29

The Web site is up!

The web site is finally up and functioning!

Posted by Bloodbat 2011-04-30

New Nihil Dice Roller 3.10.7 relased!

The Nihil Dice Roller 3.10.7 has been released, it fixes long standing log display bugs in OS X and Linux! Get it and improve your experience today.

Posted by Bloodbat 2011-04-02

New NDR 3.10.2

The new Nihil Dice Roller 3.10.2 has been released!
This build fixes a minor bug with the application's taskbar title display and is compiled with the latest, stable relase of Lazarus: 0.9.30. The manual has been updated with new compiling instructions.

Posted by Bloodbat 2011-03-27

New Nihil Dice Roller 3.10 release!

The new Nihil Dice Roller 3.10 is out, now with Fudge!
New features include:
-Support for the Fudge system (also works for Fate).
-A Die Code simplifier tool for the D6 System.
-Separate results for Dicebox mode without using a custom dicebox.
-A tally of the total dice rolled to the status bar
Get your copy while it's hot! There are prebuilt binaries for Windows x32 and x64, Mac OS X 10.6 (i386 only) and Linux (i386 only). Of course, you can get the source and build your own!

Posted by Bloodbat 2011-02-10

New Nihil Dice Roller 3.8 release!

The Nihil Dice Roller 3.8 has been released for your rolling pleasure!
There are prebuilt binaries for i386 Mac OS X 10.6, Linux i386 and Windows, both x32 and x64 flavours.
New features include: support for West End Games' D6 System (based on D6 Space) that autocalculates for wild die critical failures using the critical failure system or the remove highest die system, it also supports rolling character points; minor bugfixes and code tidiness.
Get it while it's hot!

Posted by Bloodbat 2011-01-20

New Nihil Dice Roller 3.7

The new Nihil Dice Roller 3.7 has been released for your rolling pleasure.
It is available in binary form for Windows, Linux (beta) and Mac OS X (beta).
You can, of course, get the source too and build your own!
Get the binaries and the source in the files section.
New features include:
The ability to change colour schemes; editing and using custom dice boxes; a quick percentile roll dice; a slightly new and, I think, improved interface organization; minor optimizations and
bug fixes, and new manual images to correspond with the new features.
There's also a new Mac OS X binary beta build and an up to date Linux beta build, the prior one was done using SVN code with partially incomplete features.

Posted by Bloodbat 2011-01-07

New Mac OS X beta binary build.

I added a new BETA build for Mac OS X.
It's for Snow Leopard (10.6) and i386 ONLY.
Please test it and let me know how it goes :)
It's packed inside a convenient .dmg file, get it while it's hot!

Posted by Bloodbat 2011-01-07

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