Cognifty 0017 Released

Cognifty is the new PHP framework based on old ideas. Flexible enough to run other frameworks inside itself, Cognifty is the perfect choice for new integration or legacy development.

Release Notes:

Release 17 consists mainly of bug fixes. Two new features include an
"identicon" library for generating unique graphics and a simple database
backup tool.

Over 200 individual changes are present in release 17, meaning that a lot
of bugs were fixed and a lot of code was cleaned up.

One big change was the addition of the "Cgn_Request::cleanMultiLine()"
method. cleanString() will no longer allow new lines in the input.
cleanMultiLine() does allow new line characters, but strips all ASCII
control characters, like backspace and vertical tab.

Upgrade complexity level: High

Database changes required: yes
Changes to config file definitions: no
Breaking changes to custom code: yes

All code which cleans input needs to differentiate between code which
should accept new line characters and those which should not. If you are
cleaning input which comes from a text area you need to switch to

Posted by Mark K 2009-01-14