having trouble starting...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    ive been using nicotine for a good 6 or 7 months now, and its been working great, until 3 weeks ago when it just wouldnt start at all.
    the X11 opened up fine, but when nicotine tries to appear on the genie thing below (on osx) it just shuts itself down as soon as it comes up.
    how can i solve this?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i have the same problem (since i upgrade to mac os 10.4) ! if anybody can help us...

      jerome b.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      right now i delete the ".nicotine" invisible folder, then i reboot my Mac os 10.4 and reinstall the Nicotine app. It doesn't work anymore... ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Same problems. Wont run under 10.4.

      If i run through the terminal i get this error:

      No fonts found; this probably means that the fontconfig
      library is not correctly configured. You may need to
      edit the fonts.conf configuration file. More information
      about fontconfig can be found in the fontconfig(3) manual
      page and on http://fontconfig.org

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thanks for helpful info...
      but i find a good tip : i quit Nicotine, now i use a mac os X soulseek client - the brilliant SoulseeX, here http://chris.schleifer.net/ssX/


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