How to populate error segment?

  • miller50

    miller50 - 2010-12-01

    We are trying to populate the error segment of a RSP_K21.  Using the following code does not work, it returns back a null array of ELD's back to our local reference "errorCodesAndLocations" and we cannot assign back to it.

    NHapi.Model.V24.Segment.ERR outgoingERRSegment = (ERR)NHapiResponseMessage.GetStructure("ERR");
    NHapi.Model.V24.Datatype.ELD errorCodesAndLocations = outgoingERRSegment.GetErrorCodeAndLocation();

    Is there a better way? Thank you.

  • miller50

    miller50 - 2010-12-03

    We found the solution and I'll post my own answer- use a Terser:

            terser.Set("ERR-1(" + errorIndex.ToString() + ")-1", error.SegmentID);


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