Unable to find definition of model - default

  • lpc2138

    lpc2138 - 2012-11-28

    my netlist

    V2 V2_1 GND  5
    V1 R1_1 GND  5
    R2 M2_2 V2_1  1k
    R1 R1_1 R1_2  1k
    M2 M2_2 R1_2 GND IRF532

    .MODEL IRF532 NMOS CBD=1.05702n CGDO=531.765p CGSO=983.162p GAMMA=0 GDSNOI=0
    + JS=10n KP=20u L=2u LAMBDA=3.18371m NLEV=0 NSUB=0 PHI=600m RDS=400K TOX=0
    + TPG=1 UO=600 VTO=3.2183 W=310.257m

    I got error message:
    Error on line 7 : m2 m2_2 r1_2 0 irf532
    Unable to find definition of model  - default assumed

  • marcel hendrix

    marcel hendrix - 2012-11-28

    Connect the bulk terminal:

    x2 m2_2 r1_2 gnd irf532

    should be

    x2 m2_2 r1_2 gnd gnd irf532



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