osfd - 2014-02-12

Hi there,
I try to build ngspice-26 under Debian wheezy, and I have a problem at make install step.

If I use the following options for my configure:
# configure --enable-xspice --disable-debug --with-readline=yes
The build process succeeds and the make install works perfectly.

Now, if I use one of the following options:
# configure --enable-xspice --disable-debug --with-readline=yes --with-tcl
# configure --enable-xspice --disable-debug --with-readline=yes --with-tcl=/usr/lib/tcl8.5

The build process still succeeds, but install fails... Actually it looks like it works, since it does not throw any errors but when I launch a new terminal and try to launch ngspice with the usual ngspice command, it looks like it can't be found in the path. Of course tcl8.5, tcl8.5-dev, tk8.5, tk8.5-dev, blt, blt-dev are all installed.

I really don't understand.

Thank you very much for your help.