Small Signal Amplifier ngspice failure

  • lpc2138

    lpc2138 - 2012-12-01

    code  from nsgspice manual , 24 version ,page372
    Small Signal Amplifier
    *This circuit simulates a small signal amplifier
    *with a diode limiter.
    .dc Vin -1 1 .05
    Vin Input 0 DC 0
    R_source Input Amp_In 100
    D_Neg 0 Amp_In 1n4148
    D_Pos Amp_In 0 1n4148
    C1 Amp_In 0 1uF
    A1 Amp_In 0 Amp_Out Amplifier
    R_Load Amp_Out 0 1000
    .model 1n4148 D (is=2.495E-09 rs=4.755E-01 n=1.679E+00
    + tt=3.030E-09 cjo=1.700E-12 vj=1 m=1.959E-01 bv=1.000E+02
    + ibv=1.000E-04)
    .model Amplifier Amp (gain = -10 in_offset = 1e-3
    + rin = 1meg rout = 0.4)
    Error message
    Error on line 15 : a1 amp_in 0 amp_out amplifier
    MIF-ERROR - unable to find definition of model amplifier
    Model issue on line 22 : .model amplifier amp (gain=-10 in_offset=1e-3 rin=1meg r …
    Unknown model type amp - ignored


  • Robert Larice

    Robert Larice - 2012-12-01


    from the manual:

    Subsequent sections of this document detail the steps required to
      create such a Code Model and include it in the XSPICE simulator.

    In other words, the xspice "amp" is not part of ngspice,
       but is an exercise on "how to create your own xpsice model"

    some pages later you will find an example
      which is using the already existing xspice model "gain"
      Amplifier with XSPICE model “gain”


  • lpc2138

    lpc2138 - 2012-12-01

    thanks. I found it just now.


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