devalla - 2004-09-03


    Thanks for your kind help.I installed ngspice when I type ngspice in command prompt it shows error looks like,

1)Error when I type ngspice it is showing

external error:  no graphics interface; please check compiling instructions

2)when I used to plot all it is showing

Can't open view port for graphics.

Here am sending my command prompt...Please check you can find above two errors.

[mreddy@planck diode]$ ngspice


** ngspice-15 : Circuit level simulation program

** The U. C. Berkeley CAD Group

** Copyright 1985-1994, Regents of the University of California.

** Please submit bug-reports to:

** Creation Date: Thu Sep  2 13:44:42 PDT 2004


external error:  no graphics interface; please check compiling instructions

ngspice 1 -> source diode.cir

Circuit: One-Dimensional Diode Simulation

Error on line 9 : d1  1 2 m_pn area=100

         unable to find definition of model m_pn - default assumed

Error on line 10 : .model m_pn numd level=1  ***************************************  *** one-dimensional numerical diode ***  ***************************************  options defa=1p  x.mesh loc=0.0 n=1  x.mesh loc=1.3 n=201  domain   num=1 material=1  material num=1 silicon  mobility mat=1 concmod=ct fieldmod=ct  doping gauss p.type conc=1e20 x.l=0.0  x.h=0.0 char.l=0.100  doping unif  n.type conc=1e16 x.l=0.0  x.h=1.3  doping gauss n.type conc=5e19 x.l=1.3  x.h=1.3 char.l=0.100   models bgn aval srh auger conctau concmob fieldmob  method ac=direct

        Unknown model type numd - ignored

ngspice 2 -> run

Doing analysis at TEMP = 300.150000 and TNOM = 300.150000

No. of Data Rows : 51

No. of Data Rows : 101

No. of Data Rows : 1

ngspice 3 -> setplot

        Type the name of the desired plot:

        new     New plot

Current op1     One-Dimensional Diode Simulation (Operating Point)

        dc1     One-Dimensional Diode Simulation (DC transfer characteristic)

        ac1     One-Dimensional Diode Simulation (AC Analysis)

        const   Constant values (constants)

? dc1

ngspice 4 -> plot all

Can't open viewport for graphics.

ngspice 5 ->