i/p bit pattern

  • Akhil

    Akhil - 2009-08-04

    i am using ngspice 19. can we give a bit pattern as the input to a circuit in ngspice?
    in eldo spice there is a function "pattern" with almost same syntax as "pulse" in ngspice which can be used to give a bit pattern as i/p. its syntax is "PATTERN VH1 VH0 TDELAY TRISE TFALL TSAMPLE BITS R"
    VH1-high voltage value
    VH0-low voltage value
    TDELAY-delay b4 series of bits
    TRISE & TFALL-rise & fall time
    TSAMPLE-time spent at 1 or 0 pattern value
    so is there any function in ngspice to give bit patterns as i/p or can we use pulse to input a bit pattern such as in this eg
         "V1 1 2 pattern 5 0 10n 5n 10n 20n 001111000 R"
    please do reply..........

    • Holger Vogt

      Holger Vogt - 2009-08-07

      there is no voltage source option 'pattern' available in ngspice.




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