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From reading about nget, it seems like a very cool
utility and I'm anxious to give it a try. I've
configured my .ngetrc file with the server, user name,
and password. When I try to retreive the list of
groups, I can connect, authenticate, and retreive a
partial list of groups. I then receive a fatal error "
501 no such list available". Am I doing something
wrong or could the giganews server be doing something

Please see the session below:

meyerssj@mediabox:~> nget -a
Connecting to []:119 ... connected.
g >> 200 News.GigaNews.Com
g << DATE
g >> 111 20040919152657
g << LIST
g >> 480 authentication required
g << AUTHINFO USER ********
g >> 381 more authentication required
g >> 281 News.GigaNews.Com
g << LIST
g >> 215 newsgroups follow
Retrieving group list: 80696 380856B/s 10s
g >> 501 no such list available
fatal error, won't try giganews again (bad reply 501:
501 no such list available)
no servers queried successfully
g << QUIT
ERRORS: 1 grouplist

Thanks for the assistance!



  • Steve Meyers

    Steve Meyers - 2004-09-19

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    This is nget .27 on SUSE 9.1.

  • Matthew Mueller

    Matthew Mueller - 2004-09-20

    Logged In: YES

    Ah, I guess they don't support that command. Maybe nget
    should be a little nicer in its error message about that,
    but otherwise it should work fine already.

    Also, remember that retrieving the group list is strictly
    optional and not necessary to actually access groups you
    already know the name of.

  • Matthew Mueller

    Matthew Mueller - 2004-09-20
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  • Steve Meyers

    Steve Meyers - 2004-09-22

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for the quick response. I should be able to work
    around this.

  • Frederick Bruckman

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    You did get a full list of newsgroups with the "LIST"
    command. What giganews declines to do is to suppy the
    "descriptions" for the groups. Because there's no standard
    repository for group descriptions, a lot of server admins
    will only return descriptions for a subset of all the
    groups, or perhaps return a file full of garbage, or perhaps
    not bother with it at all (as giganews does).

    If you have any newservers that do supply a response to the
    "LIST NEWSGROUPS" command, "nget -TAr thing" will add the
    "description" of the group to the right of the group name.
    What's more, "nget" will actually search for text in the
    description. If you have none, it's no real loss.

    By the way, "biggulp" does a weird thing with the
    descriptions, in that it returns descriptions for groups it
    doesn't carry, and also returns text with tabs in it. Both
    transgressions give "nget" a heart attack -- actually, it
    just gives an error on every "-TAr" , which I can avoid only
    by cleaning up the "newsgroups" file by hand.

  • Matthew Mueller

    Matthew Mueller - 2004-12-04

    Logged In: YES

    This is now fixed in cvs.

    Thanks for the description, f2bruckman. I should have been
    more detailed in my reply. I'll have to look into those
    problems you mentioned with biggulp.

  • Matthew Mueller

    Matthew Mueller - 2004-12-04
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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