lokidor - 2007-12-17


I use the latest version of nget for more than one year to download files with the '-Di' option.

I noticed that nget could not download correctly some files while grabit could download them. (nget cache updated of course...)

I tried to modify some settings but unfortunatly I found nothing that could help me.

I opened the cache file and found that most of these files are splitted on two successive posts.
For a file with n parts, the first post contains the part 1 and the second post contains the parts 2 to n.

It appears that only the part 1 is downloaded and that the file is considered as incomplete. (extension .4616565161.548447484)

I can download these files if I manually edit the cache file to merge parts 2 to n with the first post.

Maybe I missed something or maybe this is a bug ?

Thanks to help me.