I have noticed, that with a naive set-up, "nget" tends to hit every server, without regard for whether the server carries the newsgroup or not. What you have to do to prevent that, is configure an hpriority for each newsgroup, or at least configure hpriority sections for several reasonable combinations and match them to the newsgroups. Still, when you add a new server, it either tends to get hit for every group, or none, depending on how you've configured the "default" hpriority section.

So I have an idea. Allow a "?=" in the hpriority section to mean, "set to this value if and only if the server carries the group, otherwise set to zero". I envision you would use this mainly in the default section, like this:


With the above, you would need very little configuration beyond that. After an "nget -x partialserver1 -x partialserver2",  "nget" would just do the right thing, and go to the specialty servers first, particularly for a group that you haven't yet configured.

I think you do need the extenstion to the configuration, because, for instance, you might not want to even do an "nget -x" for some servers. (That would be a feature.)  Plus, it's just not nice to change   a behaviour users may have come to rely on. An extension should be OK though, shouldn't it?