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Read Me

Nightingale is a community based fork of the Songbird Web/Media player
distributed under the GNU GPL and portions (xulrunner and mozilla libs)
licensed under the Mozilla MPL/BSD license. 

This is what's left of the needed dependencies (just xulrunner) 
for Nightingale. Other libs should come from the distro's own libraries.
Hopefully, in the future, this won't be necessary and we'll be able
to build against the system xulrunner.


To join in and help, please visit
or jump into #nightingale on


ilikenwf/Matt Parnell


Since this is a legacy version of xulrunner, you'll need to install
(or build if it doesn't exist for your distro) autoconf2.13!

If this is your first build, simply sh

When completed (a good wait), the directory linux-[ARCH] will contain
your dependencies, which you should link, copy, or move to your 
nightingale (or songbird) dependencies directory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you've already built once successfully, then don't 
use unless you want to rebuild from scratch
(A LONG WAIT)! Instead go to xulrunner-$XUL and do

make -f Makefile.songbird xr-packaging