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SF project closed

ng_netflow is now a part of base FreeBSD distribution, available in 5.4-RELEASE and in 6.0-RELEASE. The SF project is now closed, and ng_netflow for RELENG_4 is not supported. Thanks to everyone, who participated in early testing!

Posted by Gleb Smirnoff 2005-11-09

ng_netflow-0.2.5 released

This is a bugfix release. All users are suggested to upgrade.

Posted by Gleb Smirnoff 2004-08-28

ng_netflow-0.2.4 released

A stable branch release. No new functionality, some cleanup. Interface indexes are no longer needed to be assigned.

Posted by Gleb Smirnoff 2004-07-12

ng_netflow 0.2.3 released

Posted by Gleb Smirnoff 2004-06-05

ng_netflow-0.2.2 released

See ChangeLog for details

Posted by Gleb Smirnoff 2004-03-07

ng_netflow 0.2.1 works on FreeBSD 5.x!

Important changes have been made to netgraph API calls. Now ng_netflow successfully builds and runs on both FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x

Posted by Gleb Smirnoff 2004-02-17

ng_netflow-0.2 released

Version 0.2 introduces some performance optimizations and minor fixes. Download it from

Posted by Gleb Smirnoff 2004-01-15

List ng-netflow-users@ created

Mailing list created. Any questions should be asked here. Any patches and ideas should be sent here.

Posted by Gleb Smirnoff 2004-01-11

ng_netflow-0.1 released

This initial release for testing purposes. You can download it from

Posted by Gleb Smirnoff 2004-01-07