NFS-GANESHA v1.5.0 is available

- TIRPC library was significantly refurbished with bi-directional RPC support (required for NFSv4.1 backchannels)
- Multiple RPC dispatch is now supported
- Cache inode has been reworked on its handling of directory entries
- Cache inode readdir logic is now based on callbacks to take advantage of AVL tree work
- State Management has been unified and improved. Locking is consistent across both NFSv3 and NFSv4.x
- Client id management support has been added
- 9p.2000L support has been added. Dev is currently under alpha version
- Improved file handle support. Handles's versions and variable length handles are better supported.
- Memory allocation has been refactored. TC-Malloc or Jemalloc can be use with a fallback to libC's malloc/free
- Improved Kerberos support. Compatibility with Microsoft AD Kerberos is improved.
- FSAL_SNMP is now officially deprecated

Posted by Philippe Deniel 2012-07-16

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