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NFC State of the Union

It's been over 2 years since the last release of NFC. Somewhat to my
suprise people still mail me about it and seem to be using it. A few
have even dared to get under the hood and add their own hacks to the
source code.

I thought that I owed it to whoever is using this or trying to use it
to make a maintanence release. Up to version 1.0.6-rc2, it used to be
pretty hard to get this all to build and run, especially the
http-tunneling support. I think the build and deploy process is now
quite easier than it used to be, thanks to switching the build system
to use Ant from Make. [I could go into a long rant right here about
how great Ant is for Java projects, but I'll spare you]

You can build and deploy NFC right now in three steps:
1. type: ant build
2. copy the resultant file, webapps/nfc.war into your servlet engine's
webapps directory.
3. restart your servlet engine

The nfc.war file is a portable Java web application that can be
dropped into any Java Servlet 2.2 (or better) servlet engine and run

This build enhancement is the only change I really made. But there
have been two contributions:

The Flash 5 client and server files have been added to the main
distribution. (see for the Flash
stuff). Thanks to Alon from

A the /ignore and /unignore commands have been bugfixed. Thanks to
Maarten van Hoof for this.

The idea for the 1.0.7 is to get some feedback from whoever downloads
it, make any necessary tweaks, and then make one more release, which
will be sort of the final release. [Truthfully, even though I keep
saying "I'll get back to work on NFC some day", that day will probably
never come]. It is what it is. At least now people can finally
install it without a serious headache.

If anybody wants to make any changes, you are welcome to have CVS
commit access. Just ask for it.

One last note.. the distributed server stuff. Except for a few
months, when a guy in Germany and I were running NFC server in
distributed mode, and this failed software company called Zebware,
nobdoy's ever really used it. Most likely, nobody would ever NEED to
use it, since I've never heard of anybody having that many users
connecting to their NFC server! And this is why the distributed mode
is 100% undocumented. :)

That's the update. Adios amigos.

Posted by Taso Lyristis 2002-02-10

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