mahaju - 2013-08-06

I am new to Android and NFC and I just can't seem to find a straight answer to this question
If I have an NFC reader/writer device, can I get it to detect my NFC enabled android phone, so that I may be able to transfer data from my phone to the device?
My question on this page,
has some links to other discussions about this topic. Most of them hint that this not possible (with the official Android version that comes with the phones), but I have also read that card emulation mode by an NFC device (such as a phone) is based on ISO standards ISO 14443-A and ISO 14443-B, which are endorsed by the NFC Forum.
Moreover, I know that a phone can act as a card writer, so what is the difference between the phone sending out data as a card writer and another NFC reader device reading this data, a phone acting in P2P mode and sending out data and another reader device reading this data AND a phone acting as a card (in card emulation mode perhaps, if it is at all possible) and another reading device reading it? (I am talking about non-rooted android phones only)

So if I have an NFC enabled phone, and USB reader/write, such as, say, this one,

can I get it to detect my phone as an NFC device and transfer some data from my phone to the reader/writer?