Database authentication

  • Joselito

    Joselito - 2005-03-02

    I want to thank everybody who work on NFC, great work.

    i'm planning to use NFC for my next project, i've scan it and try to learn it but i didnt find all what im looking for.
    First: Can i give to a user a level (2) access on one room and a different level (1) access to another room ?
    Cause i want a different operator on each room.

    Second: Probably, but just to be sure, is it possible to connect to mysql database by ip (not localhost DB) ?

    ( ) = optional
    (Third): Is there bench test of MFC ?
    How many connection i can handle with my home PC ? (p3-450 slackware 8)  One talk about multiple server if i go over hundred of user...
    loadtest client of Taso said 300...


    • Daniel Tahin

      Daniel Tahin - 2005-03-16


      1: With the original NFC-server you can't, but if you modify the code, it should be possible:-)

      2: Yes this is possible. says, that you can specifie the "type" of the connection. You can simply try it by using in the ...server/remote/persistence package (specifie a valid hostname in jdbc.conf).

      3: Sorry, i don't know...


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