nfc 1.1.0 nearly finished

  • Sebastian Eichner

    Hi all,

    i think nfc 1.1.0 is ready for release now. I have made three minimal changes to rc1 which i will post here for your information. These are no code-changes, just documentation. I also added a short description for ajdigital's flash client to the doc-directory.

    Wrong description of the kick-command in the help:
    diff -r nfc-1.1.0-rc1/conf/ nfc-1.1.0/conf/
    < kick.usage  = /kick [<room>] <user>
    > kick.usage  = /kick  <user> [<room>]

    An additional hint for people whose server keeps loosing the mysql-connection:
    diff -r nfc-1.1.0-rc1/contrib/jdbc.conf nfc-1.1.0/contrib/jdbc.conf
    > # try appending "?autoReconnect=true" to the mysql-jdbc-url if your mysql-connection breaks down regularly

    And a small addition to make sure the servlet is reachable in tomcat:
    diff -r nfc-1.1.0-rc1/web/WEB-INF/web.xml nfc-1.1.0/web/WEB-INF/web.xml
    >    <!-- Bind the servlet to the url /tunnel -->
    >   <servlet-mapping>
    >     <servlet-name>tunnel</servlet-name>
    >     <url-pattern>/tunnel</url-pattern>
    >   </servlet-mapping>


    • Sebastian Eichner

      As you may have noticed, 1.1.0 is out now... :-)

      Have fun!

    • Pritpal Dhaliwal

      but I downloaded the cvs src today and its still compling rc1.. do you know why?   and aren't docs in cvs also?


      • Sebastian Eichner

        Uhh-ohh - sorry about that! I'm afraid that when packaging nfc 1.1 i made the mistake of not checking in the 1.1 package. It's not a big problem as rc1 became final. I wrote one or the other additional short doc-file. You could make a quick diff between rc1 and final to find these changes.

        At the time when we decided that rc1 should become final, i rembember that there where already new developments checked into cvs.

        I am unsure what to do now: i do not have much experience with cvs, because i normally use subversion, especially not with the handling of tags or branches.
        I suppose the most easiest way to synchronize with cvs again, would be to apply the diff between rc1 and final to the current cvs status?



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