Stephanie Smith - 2004-10-13

Searching through the forums, I realize that this topic has come up many times before. However, I am unable to determine what the current state of things are.

Older messages (circa 2001) state flat out that you can't capture transcripts from the chat rooms, but may be able to in the future.

Later messages (circa 2003) go on about get text and text view and liteweight clients, and I can't tell if they are off on tangents, or if these are supposed to ways that one can capture transcripts. :(

I am evaluating NFC for an intranet site in need of web-based chatting, but the ability to automatically capture and retrieve session transcripts is important. Is this something that NFC would be able to provide. Unfortunately, I don't know any java, so unless there was a hand-holding tutorial on how to do it, hacking the source isn't much of an option.

If anyone could give me a heads-up on this, that would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards.