system will kick off the user

  • Wei

    Wei - 2005-02-15

    Hi All
    I have a question about NFC. When user has been idle for the specified  setting time, the system will kick off the user. I want to set my  users not to be kicked off forever, so I set vulture.idle.timeout=0,
    but some of the users were still kicked off after about 2 hours. How can i solve it?

    • Daniel Tahin

      Daniel Tahin - 2005-02-15


      Yes, this can happen. I tried to set the idle.timeout to -1, and it worked well. There was a client idle for more, than 4 hours, and the server didn't kick it.
      Or the other way: set idle.timeout to 10080 (1 week), that could be right enough (hopefully nobody is online for  so long time:-)).
      Let me know, whether it helps!


    • Wei

      Wei - 2005-02-22

      Hi Daniel,
      I am sorry for my lage reply, I think my user is kicked off from following statment:

      if (delta > _clientTimeout) {
                              ChatServer.log("ping timeout: " + c.getUserId() );

    • Daniel Tahin

      Daniel Tahin - 2005-02-22

      Yes, this is correct. I guess, this code snippet is from :-)
      You could write
      if(_timeoutMinutes==0) {
                  wait(); //waits forever
              catch(InterruptedException ie)

      right after  "while(_keepGoing) {"  to completely disable Vulture, if timeout=0.

      This is, because i don't know the server code so well. So if an other code wants to notify the Vulture, it will wait.


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