• Sebastian Eichner


    Is there any release-schedule for the 1.1.0-release? rc1 has now been out for more than 4 months, so it should be somewhat stable...?

    I am asking because after this release we could merge my modifications (available here:\)  with the main branch.

    That is, if there are no objections to my modifications, of course.


    • Maarten van Hoof


      The rc1 release should be replaced by a definitive release asap. My problem is that I am very busy at this time and haven't been able to make time for NFC. If any of the other developers feel like making the release then please come forward.

      I haven't looked at your changes, but all of what I've been hearing from you sounds like a good idea. We should merge your stuff with NFC at the earliest opportunity. But again, my time is very limited right now so either somebody else does this or we'll have to wait until I find the time.


    • Sebastian Eichner

      Hi Maarten,

      i was just browsing through the forum when i noticed your answer. Actually it seems i have missed the notification mail in the last year...

      What is required to make the release? Just checking out cvs and packaging with ant? No problem about this. Anything else? If you agree with this, i can build the releases, make a short test on linux and windows and send the files to you for uploading.

      After the release i can merge my changes with cvs.

      It would also be good if we could replace the "latest news" from 2002-02-09 on ... ;-)


      • Maarten van Hoof

        Hi Sebstian,

        I agree, and your help is much appreciated. Have a quick look around on the forums and the bug trackers to see if anybody has run into any trouble with the release candidate. Compile a little changelog: what changed between this stable release and the last one? And test what you can.

        Use the build file for making the release and change it if needed. In my view the ultimate test is taking the source release that the build script produces, unpacking that and then using the build file from that release to build a binary version with. If the binary version thus produced works both standalone and as war, then we'll release.

        You can send me the files and I'll upload them.

        Thanks again,


    • Sebastian Eichner

      Okay, i have started by browsing through every single source-file and comparing 1.1.0rc1 to 1.0.8. Judging by the sourcecode, these are the changes from 1.0.8:

      Major changes and enhancements:

      new lightweight chatclient: Carnageblender

      IgnoreList can be saved on the server-side
      custom ignorelist-stores are possible (a jdbc-based one is included)
      custom room-authenticator possible (a jdbc-based one is included)

      kick users from room for configureable timeout
      kill (ban) users from server for configureable timeout

      only users with accessLevel >=GOD or the operators can kill/kick other users (1.0.8: only operators)
      local signon with same userid kills old local signons (only for JMS: new signon is denied if userid is still signed on to another JMS-connected server)
      auth.allowGuests, auth.storeGuests were moved from jdbc.conf to nfc.conf
      authenticator-classes used in nfc.conf were moved to the new package

      details for developers:
      reworked synchronization in DistributedState
      cleaned up import-statements
      restructured, enhanced package and moved to
      roomAuthenticator can forbid creation of new rooms
      all message-construction is done in CommandMakerRemote
      new command: "/ignorelist" returns list of ignored users
      FlashChatServer can be used as servlet (1.0.8: stand-alone only)

      Did i miss something? Or is one of those entries wrong?

      I will package and test the rc1 on linux and windows.


      • Maarten van Hoof


        You seem to be well on top of things; my compliments. Go ahead and make the build. I think the easiest thing to do is to give you the rights you need to upload the build, but if you'd rather have me do it than that's fine.

        Have a good easter weekend,



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