time to release 1.1?

  • Jonathan Ellis

    Jonathan Ellis - 2003-05-30

    I wouldn't mind seeing NFC get more attention and a freshmeat/etc announcement of a new version might be one way to do that.

    I'd vote for 1.1 rather than 1.0.9 because of all the new features:
    * a completely new lightweight client, com.carnageblender.chat
    * repackaging of auth into new persistence package means conf files will need to be updated
    * speaking of persistance, we have the ignore package now and the very cool if I say so myself auth.room package for storing op & access priviledges
    * kill.banminutes and kick.banseconds config options make NFC far more suitable for operation in the real world (with the real jerks that live in it)
    * several core bugfixes

    I'd recommend a 1.1b release, then 1.1 final after we get some people besides me downloading and testing the new features.  Plus that way we get 2x the freshmeat announcements. :)

    • Maarten van Hoof

      Hi Jonothan,

      I was thinking along the same lines; its time for 1.1 rather than 1.0.9. I haven't added any features myself lately and in fact haven't tried your client yet. Is anybody besides you commiting to the CVS lately?

      I wonder if you'd be willing to write a short manual for both the new client and the persistence features, something a bit like the database authentication document that I wrote. Too much NFC functionality is undocumented. I would add your piece to the manual I am writing.

      Should I make the release or will you? I am rather busy at the moment, but I expect to have more time in a week or so. We could wait untill then or I could just give you the permissions you need.


      • Jonathan Ellis

        Jonathan Ellis - 2003-05-30

        you and I are the only people who have checked in code in 2003.  I'm not in any particular hurry so I'm happy to wait until you can do the release. :)  That will give me time to get those docs together anyway.

      • Jonathan Ellis

        Jonathan Ellis - 2003-06-24

        okay, I added doc/carnageblender client.html and updated /doc/database authentication.html to /doc/using nfc with a database.html.


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