Cannot see other users or rooms

  • Andrew

    Andrew - 2004-07-03

    I'm testing the flash client on my home network both computers running XP one has the nfc server on Apache on it. Now both flash clients can connect to the server fine and I see this is the server log. But I cannot see the user or rooms created by him and vice versa. Is there something extra I must be doing?

    • Sebastian Eichner

      Hi Andrew,

      hmmm - generally there should not be any problem with your setup... If you can see in the logfiles that your clients log into the server, then they can communicate with with each other.

      Which clients/servers exactly are you using? Did you try a java client?


    • Andrew

      Andrew - 2004-07-06

      Yes in the log files I can see the other computer login but he doesn't show up in the Flash GUI. I'm using apache 2 for the server

      I haven't tried the java client as I want to use the Flash one but I may have to for testing purposes.


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