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  • Matteo Pasta

    Matteo Pasta - 2003-05-03

    i have downloaded from the chat client but now i need some help for update the flash chat. please help me.

    1. I want enable the password. What i have to change in the flash code ?
    2. I want create a button for ban a user (ip ban). what i have to do, is possible ?

    In the nfc chat, can some people enter with pwd (the admin) and the other people enter only with userid (the users) ? if true, what i have to do !!!
    i want enable the ban function only for the admin !!!

    thx and bye

    • Matteo Pasta

      Matteo Pasta - 2003-05-03

      sorry, an update  "" is ""

    • Maarten van Hoof

      Hi Matteo,

      Please read 'database authentication.html'. You will find it in the doc directory of the 1.0.8 distribution. As you'll see, it is possible to require administrators to log in, while normal users can log in with any username and password. Instructions are in the file.

      There is no ban function in NFC. Banning in IP address is usually not a good idea: it will only work for fixed IP addresses, while most modem users have dynamic IP addresses.

      There are, however, two functions that you can use: kick and kill. Kick kicks a user out of a room, kill kicks them off the server. You can configure the file in the conf directory so that only administrators can use it.  Read and database authentication.html.

      But there is one problem: I don't think that the flash client has buttons for the kick and kill commands. So you'd have to alter the flash client to get these functions to work.

      Hope this helps,



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