• Prashanth B

    Prashanth B - 2005-01-27

    I am using this nfc for my project. Everything is working well and my project is almost ready to release. 
    But now i faced a strange problem. I am using JBOSS server as the app server.  I am using this chat server for a meeting purpose.
    While on the meeting with some more guys sitting in diff location..  at times due to some network problem the connection is lost... and the connection is gained in the next few seconds. Obviously without network conn it will not work..  but even after the connection is regained..  its not working.
    I found that if there is no network connection for the continious 3 or 5 seconds..  the communication between the client and the nfc stops even after i got the network connection after that time.. 
    I am still in the room.. seeing everybody in the room.. but whatever i type is not send to everybody..
    So what i need to know is:
    1. If the connection is lost (ie) if the communication between the client and the sever got cut..  Is there any command or function to reconnect to the server.
    2. Is there any alternative way to do that so.
    3. I tried signing in the user again.. its working but i dont want to get user+1+2+3 stuffs like that. And also i do not want to make the user to sign off and sign in again,  bcas apart from the normal meeting, my application as many other features.

    Please give me a solution for solving this. Its very urgent and please help me.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Prashanth B

      Prashanth B - 2005-01-31

      I Found a way to close my issue.


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