Starting the Chat server

  • andylee

    andylee - 2002-11-07

    ive just downloaded the newest nfc file but i dont understand how to get the chat server to run on my page.  Ive already uploaded both the chat .swf file and the chat engine and i need help to get the server up and running on my page

    • Maarten van Hoof

      Hi Andy,

      Unzip/untar.gz the binary distribution to a directory on your server. This creates a directory called "nfc-1.0.7". In that directory edit the server startup script (runFlashServer.bat on Windows or runFlashServer on Linux) and then execute the script.


    • matt walter

      matt walter - 2003-01-09

      I also can not get the Flash Server to work properly (running on BSD)  When I ./runFlashServer it apears to load fine and accepts socket connections on port 7777.  But when I try to view the page in a browser I get the error: Connection attempt failed. (both the server and the flash files are hosted from the same server)

      Also (perhaps related) when trying to view the java version I get the error:


      I am running jakarta-tomcat succesfully and  have edited the file to point to my java directory. Editing the runFlashServer script I see references to but I do not know if this needs to be modified. Any help HIGHLY appricated.

      • Maarten van Hoof

        Hi Mat,

        I think you have a number of things mixed up. For clarity:
        - bin/ and bin/ are scripts to start the server stand-alone. When you use these scripts, you would not use Tomcat but serve the webpages that contain the applet or flash client off a normal web server on the same machine.
        - The nfc.war file can be used to embed the nfc server in Tomcat. If you use it, the chat server will be running the moment you start tomcat. Also. the webpages that contain the applet or flash client are served by Tomcat. By default, the nfc.war file assumes that you want to us the default server, not the flash server. To use the flash server, you'll have to edit the edit [tomcat home]/webapps/nfc/WEB-INF/web.xml. There's more information about how to do this on the forums (or maybe in the patches section).
        - The fact that your connection attempt failed can have many reasons. I think you can savely assume that if your chat server is running and it has produced no errors in its logs, then it will have 7777 open for connections. Ar you sure it is not related to your firewall? Or maybe you are pointing your web browser to 'localhost' but your flash client to ''? I don't know about flash, but for Java applets this sort of things cause security errors.
        - ClassNotFoundExceptions are almost allways related to faulty classpath settings or missing libraries

        A lot of the problems that people run into when trying to set up their server have been discussed in this forum. Please have a look around before you post any more questions. But if you really can't find the answers you need, feel free.


      • Sebastian Eichner

        1. Flash-clients can only connect to the server where the HTML-page (which contains the flash-movie) came from.

        2. You have to edit the file  web/flash/nfc.html. There you will find the url and port to which the flash-client should connect (_host=.... and _port=...). Edit these entries in the param-tag and in the embed-tag.

        I guess that 2. is what gets it running for you.

        Your java-problem is different. This seems to be a problem with the Classpath.

        Good luck!

    • Matteo Pasta

      Matteo Pasta - 2003-05-01

      i need to add the chat on my site, so i have to participed in a distributed chat network.
      i need to set the full path of my JMS Implementation. I need some help to
      do this.

      what i have to write in the var JMS_IMPL ?

      SET JMS_IMPL=???

      i need to install some particular component of SUN or JMS is build-in the JDK ?
      i use j2sdk1.4.1_02
      i hope you can help me.

      - what's happen if i dont set JMS_IMPL ?
      - if i use flash client in browser, the server MUST run on the same PC with the new ver 1.0.8 ?
      - if my flash client is on IIS i can run the server with
      runFlashserver.bat for use the chat on Internet ?


      • Maarten van Hoof

        Hi Matteo,

        You would need to set the JMS_IMPL variable if you are going to create a distributed chat network. That is: if you want to connect multiple SERVERS toghether to cope with the fact that you have so many users that one server is not enough to serve them all. I'm getting the feeling that you think you need to set it if you are going to use a server at all. That  is not the case.

        If  a distributed chat network IS what you want, you'll need to download a JMS implementation. OpenJMS comes to mind. In the download you'll find a jar file. Set JMS_IMPL to the name of that jar file.

        You do not need any components other than the one you found in the download and a JDK. 1.4 is fine.

        I am not sure I understand your last two questions. Should the chat server run on the same machine that your web server runs on? I am not a flash specialist but I imagine yes. An yes, if you run the flash server on a machine on the Internet, the chat also work in the internet.

        Good luck,

    • Anonymous - 2003-05-25

      Does anyone have the latest copy of the ajdigital fla files - their site is no more but I would appreciate the fla's (and any docs) sent to



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