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Release of nf-hipac v0.9.1

Version 0.9.1 fixes all bugs that have been discovered since the release of v0.9.0.

Posted by Michael Bellion 2005-10-11

Release of nf-hipac v0.9.0

During the development of version 0.9.0 everything was ported to Linux kernel 2.6 and large parts of the kernel code have been rewritten. The kernel patch is now fairly non-intrusive: it only adds one simple function to ip_tables.c. The rest of the patch introduces new files to the kernel. The new release fixes all known bugs and also introduces some new features.

Posted by Michael Bellion 2005-09-26

nf-hipac-announce mailing list opened

This low traffic mailinglist is recommended for every nf-hipac user to stay current with new releases, bugfixes and other interesting news concerning the project.

Posted by Michael Bellion 2003-06-29

Release of nf-hipac v0.8

Version 0.8 is a major rewrite of most of the code and introduces support for iptables matches and targets, 64 bit counters and user-defined chains as main new features.

Posted by Michael Bellion 2003-06-25

Release of nf-hipac v0.1a

Version 0.1a fixes the --syn and --not-syn match and a minor bug concerning the statistical output of /proc/net/nf-hipac.

Posted by Thomas Heinz 2002-12-30

Release of nf-hipac v0.1

- support for all kernel architectures especially 64 bit architectures
- dynamically change invokation order of iptables and nf-hipac via /proc/net/nf-hipac without losing your rules
- support for negation (!) in matches
- autoloading of the kernel module nf_hipac.o
- install and uninstall target added to Makefile
- all outstanding bugs are fixed in this release

Posted by Thomas Heinz 2002-12-08

User documentation (FAQ, mini-howto) for nf-hipac available

You will find the user documentation of nf-hipac on our web site:

Posted by Thomas Heinz 2002-10-16

Performance test results available

We now have the results of some basic performance tests available on our web page. The test compares the performance of the iptables filter table to the performance of nf-hipac. Results are pretty impressive :-)

Posted by Michael Bellion 2002-09-25

Release of nf-hipac v0.0.2

Version 0.0.2 adds a correct memory handling and allows the user to dynamically limit the maximum memory usage.
This release is considered to be far more stable than version 0.0.1.

Posted by Michael Bellion 2002-09-04

First release available

The nf-hipac team is happy to announce the first
public release.

Posted by Thomas Heinz 2002-08-25