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nexb-tools Groovy Eclipse plugin build available

This is a quick build of the Groovy Eclipse plug-in from CVS as of 2004-09-23.
We are not the author of the plug-in, but no build was available. The plug-in and Groovy are avaialbale under Apache 1.1 style license.
You can get a quick install note at :
Groovy rocks!

Posted by Philippe Ombredanne 2004-09-24

nexb-0.4.1 release

We made a new release available.
This is a minor release with some incremental updates to nexb 0.4 with:
- support for the latest 1.4.2_05 JVM
- early support for demonstrations of QURI for the winreg, file, and properties, all local for now.

Enjoy it!
Philippe --

Posted by Philippe Ombredanne 2004-09-20

nexB design talk presentation at BayLISA available

Philippe gave a talk at BayLISA, presenting some of the design rationale behind nexB. Presentations in Poerrwpoint and OpenOffice formats are available for download.

Posted by Philippe Ombredanne 2004-09-17

New patch released for nexB-04

A bug that occured only on Java 1.4.2_05 was fixed by Apache folks. A patch was posted for download.

Posted by Philippe Ombredanne 2004-09-17

Announcing the launch of http:/ community site

We are proud to announce the launch of the community web site for developers and users.
The url is : http:/

Posted by Philippe Ombredanne 2004-06-18

Preview screenshots available for download

This file release contain an add-on document to the developer preview 0.4 with screenshots.

The screenshots highlight some the autodiscovery features on Windows and Linux using Xpath to retrieve asset properties and populate asset profiles.

A good add-on to the minimal set :) of documentation available for now!

Posted by Philippe Ombredanne 2004-06-05

nexB Developer Preview available for download!

This is the binary release for nexB v0.4, the first public release of nexB.
This is a developer preview of some of the interesting features of nexB :
- XML store,
- XML asset properties discovery,
- Xpath queries.

The main contributors to this release have been :
Michael Herzog
Bertrand Mollinier Toublet
Philippe Ombredanne

Posted by Philippe Ombredanne 2004-05-18

nexB JSPWiki template available!

By popular demand, the JSPWiki template we use for <a href="">our web site</a> has finally been quickly packaged and made available for download. Enjoy it.

Posted by Philippe Ombredanne 2004-04-19