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NewzMuncher 0.2a Released

NewzMuncher 0.2a has been released! Here's the change log:

NewzMuncher 0.2a

- Added post-build events to the source so that it'll work as soon as
you unzip the source and compile
- Fixed the web address in the About page

- Newzmuncher is now skinnable. Create a folder in the Skins directory
and ensure that all of the required files exist. Skins included in
this release are Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink... read more

Posted by isellrice 2006-12-27

NewzMuncher 0.1a Released

This is the first release of NewzMuncher, but don't by any means go easy on it! Please report any bugs or feature requests here, and of course, enjoy!

Posted by isellrice 2006-05-17