#55 Please add more helpful information how to undo ReadOnly status. Thanks.



Two days ago I started using the latest xmipp, v3 I believe, on Linux.

So far, so fine, we had been using images from rhinoviruses. After I selected about 200 special capsomeres (pentameres), I am unsure what I did, but eventually I found myself to be in "ReadOnly" mode.

I restartd xmipp but ReadOnly persisted.

How can I make ReadOnly go away so I can continue working?

On the commandline this is output:

"A thresholded image or 8-bit binary image is
required. Threshold levels can be set using
the Image->Adjust->Threshold tool."

Could this error message be better? As a new user, I do not know where I can find Image ... I looked around in the GUI but I simply could not find this entry.

My goal is to easily leave the ReadOnly mode so I could continue working.

Strangely enough, two hours ago I somehow managed to continue working, but I dont remember what I did... and right now, I am in ReadOnly mode again. It's like a Heisenbug to me right now...


  • Anonymous - 2014-07-08

    I tried to narrow down this problem further.

    For instance, I selected 13 particles right now. All worked, no crashes. I saved, then exitted xmipp.

    When I restarted xmipp, under the same image + the 13 particles, I am now in ReadOnly mode and can not change anything.

    If it is of any help, I also had a "broken pipe" error an hour ago and xmipp crashed.

  • shevy

    shevy - 2014-07-08

    I think I found one problem, look here:

    java -Xmx2g -d64 -Djava.library.path=/opt/Xmipp/xmipp-3_1/lib -Dplugins.dir=/opt/Xmipp/xmipp-3_1/external/imagej/plugins -cp /opt/Xmipp/xmipp-3_1/external/imagej/:/opt/Xmipp/xmipp-3_1/java/lib/ xmipp.viewer.particlepicker.training.Main ParticlePicking/Supervised/Image_03/micrographs.xmd ParticlePicking/Supervised/Image_03/extra readonly

    The argument "readonly" is passed. Would it be possible for a user to toggle the mode even while the program is running?



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