Rich - 2003-07-31

the games look awsome, i like how you can change your straft key to left and right and us the mouse to aim, it makes a hell of alot more difference and makes the game funner. On those model files its hard to aim cuz there isnt a cursor, and the gun is off center. One thing to work on is 3d enemies, im not sure if they are when they are a live but i know they arnt when they are dead.

Here is a suggestion, although it maybe pushing it. I know this game isnt to popular/nor this mod, but a co-op multiplayer would be cool. Since it isnt to popular maybe one person can host a server and a freind or 2 play co-op with them through single player maps or make up a map that is more intense then those single player maps. If the big man reads this can he tell me if its possible with the game or he isnt able to do that kinda stuff.

I think you should go all out on this and release the game for sell and stuff like that. Your doing a hell of a job, keep it up.