mike - 2005-05-28

The first time I tried this game on my laptop, it didn't really work at all for some inexplicable reason.  Needless to say, I was disappointed.

Now, with a new computer, I tried it again and it loaded successfully.  However, it runs at about 1 frame every ten seconds (no exaggeration).  That's absolutely ridiculous since I can run Unreal at 30fps at least, and I've written my own OpenGL apps that run at 60fps on my computer. 

It's as if the programmer is trying to draw every quadrilateral in the level.  DarkOne, you need to look up "culling" in the dictionary.  It was "gullible" that was removed, not "culling".

Also, I think assgoblin's suggestion of going all the way and selling the game is a great idea.  Similarly, I can't wait till my version of OpenGL Windows XP hits the shelves.