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NewsML Toolkit 2.0 Manual Available

The NewsML Toolkit 2.0 Manual is now available online; see the home page for details.

Posted by David Megginson 2002-04-22

NewsML Toolkit 2.0 released

Version 2.0 of the NewsML Toolkit is now available for download. This version includes the ability to create or modify a NewsML tree programatically.

Posted by David Megginson 2002-04-22

Version 2.0pre release candidate

Version 2.0 adds many new features, including the ability to modify a NewsML tree or to build a fresh one from scratch programmatically.

Posted by David Megginson 2002-03-27

NewsML Toolkit 1.1final released.

The final version of NewsML Toolkit 1.1 adds some minor bug fixes and a conformance-testing change.

Posted by David Megginson 2001-12-12

NewsML Toolkit 1.1beta released

Release 1.1beta of the NewsML Toolkit is a major rewrite, adding much new functionality and better stability. Among many other new features, version 1.1beta includes full XPath support (through Jaxen) and a conformance-testing library to test NewsML documents against the 1.0 functional specification.

Posted by David Megginson 2001-11-26

NewsML Toolkit moves to SourceForge.

The NewsML Toolkit has moved to SourceForge. Please feel free to examine the code in CVS and to subscribe to the mailing list.

Posted by David Megginson 2001-05-30