Booting NewOS on a Dell GX1

  • Michael Rich

    Michael Rich - 2001-07-31

    I downloaded the floppy disk image and used rawrite.exe to put it onto a floppy.

    I then proceeded to boot it on a Dell GX1 (400Mhz), and it boots up, but all I get is a list of A's at the top followed by Thread2 through Thread17 (each on a seperate line) that is counting up from 0 it appears.  Last I looked it was somewhere around 200,000.  To the right of the decimal address is a long hex value that is also being incremented.

    Any ideas on what could be causing this?


    • John Schwinghammer

      You must have downloaded the .flp file.  That's all that version of the OS does.  Of course, since it was compiled on May 22, a lot has changed since then.  I have created a small site on an old 133Mhz computer which compiles the source snapshots each day.  To get the latest compiled snapshot of NewOS, go to and download the file newos-x86-current.flp.

      Because the site is on an old Pentium and running on a cable connection, please send the files to other people directly rather than sending them to my site.  That way I can still offer a somewhat reliable service to everyone.

      I plan to create a Sourceforge project dedicated to porting and creating software as well as drivers for NewOS.  You will probably be able to get the compiled NewOS from there when it goes up.


      • John Schwinghammer

        I was having some problems earlier, but my server should be up for a while now.

        Due to some compilation issues, some early versions won't be offered by me precompiled.

        Also, the most recently compiled version of NewOS is always located at


        • Travis Geiselbrecht

          Thanks a bunch for doing the compilation. I've been meaning to keep that more up to date, but I've been lazy. Doesn't do a whole lot more than it did before, but I guess it does have a sort of command-line, so it's somewhat more interesting than the thread dump.

    • John Schwinghammer

      Other than what is in the NewOS FAQ, is there anything I need to do to compile for other platforms?  Do I need any special libraries for my compiler?


      • Travis Geiselbrecht

        Umm, not really. Like the FAQ sez, you need a bintuils and gcc toolchain compiled for the target, ELF always. If you set the environment variable ARCH to your target processor, it should try to build it.

        If it's a new target, you'll have to build a bunch of makefiles to be in the right place and provide a ton of kernel stubs. Also, I've stuck in a libgcc.a for each target, as that is normally linked out of your toolchain dir. libgcc provides a bunch of helper functions that gcc calls all of the time.

        As of now, the only other target that compiles is the sh4 (Dreamcast). It's been broken for a while, since there have been a bunch of VM changes that I never rolled back. I should bring that back up to date and post some instructions to get the Dreamcast booting. It's a pain to do so, however.



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