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undefined reference to `_Unwind_Resume'

The Kr1s
  • The Kr1s

    The Kr1s - 2002-12-02

    I'm using mandrake 9.0 to build NesOS. I got he error when building. Anyone familiar with the problem?


    • Travis Geiselbrecht


      I assume that mandrake 9.0 is probably using gcc 3.2, and that's something I haven't tested with.

      But, in order to avoid this problem (multiple versions of gcc support), I compiled my own toolchain for a lot of common systems, and you can download and install it.

      go to

      and grab the i386-newos toolchain for linux. It should work with your system.

      All you have to do is untar it to /usr/local, and it'll install as /usr/local/i386-newos. Then add /usr/local/i386-newos/bin to your path and rerun make, the make system will pick it up automatically. The toolchain is self contained, so if you want to remove it, just wipe out the /usr/local/i386-newos dir.

      Have fun!


    • Jeremy Fixemer

      Jeremy Fixemer - 2003-01-05

      I too have Mandrake 9.0.

      I solved the '_Unwind_Resume' by adding '-lgcc_eh'

      However, that file had even more dependencies that I traces to /usr/lib/libc.a (which is a glibc file).

      Travis,  what GCC configure options did you (or Gentoo use)?  I couldn't find it documented anywhere.

      I'm also interested in the configure option to get i386 gcc to use unsigned long for size_t.

      My Mandrake install has gcc compiled for size_t unsigned int and I had to turn off the #if 0 in types.h to force it to unsigned int.

      I did not have any problems using the build chain off the website, I'm just curious.


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